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Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

In the startup world, the focus is often on moving fast and breaking things, which, interestingly enough, is how things get broken (in a bad way). Counter to startup culture, Ace is an advocate of slowing down and being intentional about problem solving, which comes well before writing a single line of code or spending a dime on growth. 

He approaches keynotes and workshops with a similar philosophy. Drawing on his career building programs and products, Ace knows that understanding his audience and their goals is the starting point for time well spent together. After exploring who might be in a crowd and what success looks like for a specific event, he tailors his learnings and anecdotes so the audience has tangible tools to continue doing great work as soon as they walk out of his session.

Ace's skillsets translate to a variety of settings from MCing events to facilitating group discussions to giving keynotes. He's spent time sharing his perspective in academic settings like MIT MediaLab, the University of Virginia, and TEDxVCU; at nationally recognized conferences like Insuretech Connect and Collision Conference, and with corporates like MetLife, PwC, and CarMax. A few of his favorite talk titles include "The Anatomy of a (Good) Idea", "The Freelancer’s Hierarchy of Needs", and "The 10 Pitch Commandments".

Talks: Harnessing the MicroEconomy


Past Audiences

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Watch Ace explain his talk on Harnessing the MicroEconomy: