Customer Journey Mapping: How to Gain Deep Insights to Shift Human Choices

There’s a difference between observing animals in a zoo versus in the wild. Humans are no different.

As corporations excitedly issue press releases about their latest innovation labs, opinion measurement apps, or upscale focus group environments, it can be easy to forget that the only place to generate true insights into customer decision makers is to be in market, observing and questioning humans as they make those choices.

This talk breaks down each step to mapping a customer experience - from gaining access to a marketplace, creating an environment in which they’ll openly share their thoughts and feelings, to the way to ask questions that dig to root-cause of decision-making.

We teach the audience how to build a detailed customer journey map. And how to build interventions in that decision chain in order to switch customer choices to the benefit of your company or organization.

Scattered throughout this talk are Interactive exercises drawing from recent case studies. And a downloadable toolkit of resources are available for audiences post-event.

Speakers: Scott