Speaker. Moderator. Negotiator.


Former British Consul-General to New York, CEO of the Mayor of London’s economic development agency, artificial intelligence tech executive. Dual national Anglo-Spanish, Danny’s accustomed to delivering messages to corporate, government, or royal, audiences in English or Spanish.

He talks across Europe and North America about international events and the intersection of market disrupting technologies and government policy.

A former banker, marketer, diplomat and tech exec, Danny has operated at the highest level in both the private and public sectors, building up a diverse skill set and wide-ranging leadership experience. 
His perspectives on economic futures, and the keys to negotiating against the background of those futures, are drawn across tech, business, and government across the US and Europe.

Talks: 3 Keys of Negotiation, Seeing Alternative Perspectives


Past Audiences

Danny has spoken in front of audiences including: 

The Top 50 World Innovators Series by Codex; VR World; Media Convention Conference in Berlin; New York Economic Forum (on a panel with Mike Bloomberg); Transatlantic British American Conferences in Atlanta and San Francisco.

Additionally Danny has spoken at a whole host of international, business, technology and foreign policy platforms. For more information about previous audiences drop us a line




Danny talks about how AR & AI technologies impact our lives today at the The Next Web Conference. This video gives you an idea of his presentation style.