We all know that there are two guaranteed dates in life – your birth date and your death date. We know one, but we don’t know the other. Some of us will die suddenly, but many of us won’t. For those who won’t, there’s a very good chance that they will need someone to care for them as they get older and those care options cost money.

Deidre Watts is Director of Marketing at Genworth Financial, a leading insurance holding company dedicated to helping families secure their financial lives for the future.  She works to offer financial protection plans for situations as we age, no matter where or who takes care of us.

A Virginia Commonwealth University graduate with over 15 years of experience as a marketing executive, Deidre entered the insurance world as the Senior Media & Creative Planner for Elephant Insurance Services. Not after too long, she seized the opportunity for a Senior Manager position at, an auto insurance comparison website. Due to her charismatic nature and hunger to help families with the financing of aging and roughly 70% of people over 65 will need long term care at some point, she pounced at the opportunity with Genworth.

“Roughly one in three people know someone who needs long term care.” She realized that with young children and capable, but aging parents of her own, before too long she would become one in three people. Concerned that many people don't realize how expensive long term care is or how great the need is, Deidre now spends her days being a part of the solution to long term care by educating families on getting prepared for the unexpected turns life takes when it comes to caring for aging loved ones.

When she’s not working, she’s on the move. Whether she’s waking before the sun for a 5AM gym session, traveling to sporting events with her kids, or seeking out the newest Richmond eatery with her husband, Deidre lives her life on the go with no time to slow down, which makes the work she’s doing all the more important. As a working mom and caregiver-in-training, she wants to make sure other families like her own never have to hit the speed bumps when caring for an aging loved one. No one has time to slow down, and they shouldn’t have to.

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