scenario Exercises


Pushing participants to broaden horizons and find common ground.

Carefully crafted and tailored to any industry, these interactive moderated exercises are designed to help define and execute a market strategy, negotiate win-win solutions, and craft new solutions that outflank your competition.

These exercises are customized to include industry-relevant scenarios and case studies,moderated by consultants who share analogs from professional experiences, and delivered in stand-alone 90-minute modules, following a keynote talk, or paired with other exercises to create half-day or full day agendas.

Our methods move conversations forward on a variety of topics:



We guide leadership teams and boards of directors through strategy creation, decision making, and scenario planning. We make time for personal reflection, learn from each other, and check for group alignment along the way. Our collection of market scenario-based implementations forces you to reassess your expectations for your next event. Whether in an intimate team setting or global conference, we create an agenda that confronts your industry’s toughest questions and prepares you for the future. These exercises are built to empower your leaders to strategize optimal market outcomes for your business or organization.



We guide sales teams, leaders, and anyone else who negotiates regularly through the negotiation preparation process, all grounded on empathizing with the other party. We start by understanding the driving motives of the stakeholder, identify mutual interests of both parties, and discuss the best ways to frame the conversation. From consulting Fortune 500s in boardrooms to negotiating with government agencies in back rooms, to field research with global non-profits, our team discovered quickly that sharing our experiences through leadership meetings and conferences was undeniably valuable. We’ve participated in some of the world’s largest knowledge-sharing stages such as SXSW, Global 500 executive retreats, and government leader summits. We take an open-minded and curious approach when it comes to our moderation style. We never assume to be experts in a particular industry. We pride ourselves on reading the room and flexing in the moment to make gatherings feel upbeat and worthwhile.



We create opportunities for leadership teams, sales groups, any anyone wanting to do things differently to view their business through a different lens. We draw inspiration from other companies, obsess about the customer, and throw out institutional norms to dream up the big –and executable– ideas.


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