Working Mother. Avid Planner. Future Caregiver.


Lauren Drapeau is the Business Development Officer at Genworth as well as a Board Member of the Financial Planning Association for the Connecticut Valley Chapter. Her 17 years of experience in the insurance industry and financial planning background have made her appreciate the difference that proper planning can make in people’s lives.

Initially, Lauren's career was focused on investing, savings strategies and retirement planning. She was able to help other's employ strategies to help achieve their financial goals.  

She experienced firsthand how important proper planning was when both of her grandmothers had to enter a LTC facility – one had LTC insurance and one didn’t. She saw how important the facility and location was to her family and how having insurance translated into have choices. She also noticed that although there are many people who focus on saving money, there are many fewer experts that specialized in using the money as we age.

So, it’s now her mission to help other families and especially caregivers, achieve the freedom and ability to make the best educated decisions they can for their loved ones and provide solutions for the financial challenges of aging. Lauren strives to not only educate others on the importance of planning for Long Term Care, but also provide solutions and tools to help associations and businesses offer services to their members or customers helping families gain a sense of security knowing they have planned for their future.

A working mother of three, Lauren is always surrounded by people peaking her curiosity. Whether at work, the hockey rink or traveling with her husband she loves learning about new people. She is passionate about understanding the way people choose to live their lives, striving to visualize what their world looks like so that she can better create solutions and tools that may make a difference for them and their families.

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