We draw from this team, along with our roster of speakers, to moderate panels and guide scenario exercises.


Kelly Beekman

Kelly is a negotiator, moderator, and consultant. A former NGO analyst working on Arab Spring policy issues, Kelly has spent her consulting career eliciting the diverse perspectives of key stakeholders on issues. She holds degrees in theology and Islamic Studies from Boston College and the University of Chicago. As a partner in Envoy, she leads her firm’s work in insight gathering on target customers of our clients.


Eugenie Calderon

Eugenie is a consultant and summit producer. She made her way through the corporate event worlds of Washington, DC and New York crafting experiences for customers from small private label brands to mass market online retailers.

She brings that expertise to her consulting practice where she creates client summits that bring together groups of key stakeholders for discreet discussions around some of the toughest topics businesses and governments face.

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Stinson Mundy

Stinson is an attorney and strategy advisor. She advises fast growth companies on business structures and contract negotiation strategies. She moderates meetings frequently, often informally mediating disagreements to find mutually beneficial outcomes. Educated in the US and the UK, she combines an American enthusiasm with British sarcasm to the work.


Roger Parker

Former Europe / Middle East / Asia Managing Partner for one of the world’s largest law firms, Roger draws on his leadership experience as a coach to current and emerging leaders in business, military, and government. Roger is accredited at ILM Level 5 and as a mediator at the Centre for Dispute Resolution in London.

With his adult children split between London and New York, he spends much time on both sides of the Atlantic where he advises clients and speaks at leadership retreats and universities. Though, be warned, travel tends to be more restrained when Chelsea FC are playing at home.