Speaker. Moderator. Negotiator.


Engaging talks tailored to your audience grounded in innovation, negotiation and strategy explored through the lens of current social, political, and economic events.

Whether your audience’s challenges involve reconciling disputes or negotiating between partners, seeing multiple perspectives or launching a new product or service, Scott Wayne has a technique or two to share.

He prepares for every talk the same way— as any good negotiator does— by investigating weeks before. He dissects your practices, he asks questions, he listens, he unearths patterns, and mines the tools you’re looking for…..all with a sardonic British view.

Scott’s talks draw from the work that the Envoy team is doing every day- tackling challenging issues that parallel with real issues that your audiences are dealing with every day. His speeches are not fueled by narratives borrowed from the latest hot leadership book. They’re fueled by current issues and tried and proven strategies for addressing them.

Scott presents his philosophy on disrupting markets, influencing people for good and lacing the techniques with real world examples. He illustrates how to blend negotiation theory, behavioral economics, and diplomatic tradecraft to disrupt markets and deliver rapid growth. He studies what motivates powerful people to make decisions and build strategies that lead them to choose to change those decisions—changing your understanding of your market and the role you play in it for good.

The formal stuff... Scott holds degrees in international relations from the London School of Economics and Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service. He worked as a British diplomat under Tony Blair's government. He has founded several companies, winning recognition on the Inc. 5000 list of fast-growth companies as well as Outside Magazine’s Top 100 Places in the US to work. He regularly speaks at international conferences as well as executive retreats for many Global 500 companies. He has moderated summits on behalf of government agencies, international organizations, central bank presidents, and Supreme Court justices.

Talks: 3 Keys of Negotiation, Market Disruption, Seeing Alternative Perspectives, Customer Journey Mapping


Past Audiences

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Listen to Scott brief his Customer Journey Mapping talk:


Scott talks you through his Three Key’s to Negotiation keynote.


Get a taste for Scott’s style as he shares a short segment of his 3 Keys to negotiation keynote in front of the Virginia Council of CEOs.


In this video Scott Wayne talks about his Market Disruption talk and what your audience can expect.