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3 Keys of Negotiation

There are three key concepts that transform any negotiation. In this talk, we spend 10 minutes on each, citing examples from neuroeconomic literature and current event case studies. Whatever issues are in the news that week, we will illustrate how and where the three keys are at play.

Then we switch to a 30-minute interactive exercise where together the audience works through relevant case studies, practicing the application of the three keys.

Speaker: Scott, Danny

Market Disruption

What do the best innovators and negotiators have in common?

They recognize patterns, and breaks in patterns. They evaluate threats and opportunities from multiple perspectives. They observe behaviors rather than survey behaviors. They model choices and build interventions to redirect those choices.

This talk provides distinguishes between product innovation (the creation of new products) and market innovation (the creation of new markets) and examines the role that negotiation techniques play in each.

The audience is guided through common negotiation tools and how they can be deployed to generate new insights and concepts, pitch executives and investors, and win new clients and customers.

Speaker: Scott, Matt

The Ethics of #MeToo in the Workplace

In the face of highly politicized gender inequality this talk is designed to help participants and acknowledge and accept their personal conscious and unconscious biases, and to understand gender inequality and its impact in the workplace. Participants walk away with practical tools to act as an ally for gender equity.

Speaker: Tiffany

The MicroEconomy: What it is and How to Engage with it.

While corporations are desperate for qualified talent, the “gig”, “freelance”, “1099” economy explodes. For some it’s the only way to make a living. But for many more, being independent is a personal choice driven by an ambition to have a different corporate career.

This talk is for employers who seek talent, but want to tap into this reservoir of talent. We go deep into what this pool looks like, what motivates this talent to go “1099”, and how can you tap this source for your company in a way that aligns everyone’s interests.

Speaker: Ace

Overcoming Bias: Building authentic relationships across differences


The unconscious assumptions we all harbor about people who differ from us get in the way of good intentions, hinder harmonious and efficient living, and impact working environments. Overcoming bias is challenging, but if we focus on identifying our personal preferences and privilege, we can become aware
of our hidden biases, and learn to make genuine connections with others. This session will help challenge your assumptions and open up to encountering people, cultures, and ideas outside your comfort zone.

Speaker: Tiffany

Monuments to Injustice, Pathways to Equity

While many cities and states across the American South wrestle with what to do with Confederate monuments, this talk focuses on more contemporary monument so injustice and the pathway that business leaders, educators, and individuals can follow to help bring true equity to the US.

Delivered as a photographic walk through an American city, identifying and explaining how city planning, transportation, education, and cultural strategies have historically worked to reduce the voice and life opportunities of people of color, and what actions and strategies we can introduce to our political systems, workplaces, places of worship, and homes to bring us closer to equity and the true American Dream.

Speakers: Allan, Sionne

Possessed by our Possessions? Our Stuff and What We Can Do With It

In an age of rampant consumerism, we’ve accrued more and more “stuff”. Not just possessions piling up in our garages and basements and guest bedrooms, but memories, stories, connections piling up, unsorted and unfiltered. How does this clutter our worlds, our lives, our relationships?

We walk through why we gather, the challenge of filtering. How to handle belongings and memories as our friends and family members fade and pass away. And how we declutter our own lives and minds to bring focus to our work and fulfilment to our relationships.

Speaker: Matt Paxton

Seeing Alternative Perspectives

As psychologists have taught us with the use of optical illusions, two people can interpret the same image differently depending on where they sit. The same goes for forming opinions on the same issue – we have all biases that influence how we interpret various pieces of information. How we see a set of facts determines what we glean from those facts.

While there aren't "Alt-Facts" there are "Alt-Perspectives.” In 45-minutes we walk through the science of biases and how we naturally see what we seek. We identify the risk in our declining ability to empathize with those who don't share our views and breakdown the risks of the digital stacks and bubbles we increasingly live in.

From there, we flip to solutions and work through a series of practices to develop our empathetic talents and techniques to see problems, issues, and people, from multiple perspectives in order to negotiate agreed paths forward.

Speaker: Scott, Danny

Slay Like a Mother

Based on her new book, Slay Like a Mother, which Parade magazine just named one of the top 10 life-changing self-help books for 2019, Author and CEO Katherine Wintsch will share what no one else is willing to say about the struggles women face when trying to do it all. This experience will feature eye-opening research, powerful self-reflection and actionable tips for slaying what’s in your way at work, at play and at home. This talk is a must-see for women of all stripes and for anyone who is supporting or marketing to mothers. 

Speaker: Katherine